Omoyele Sowore: No Rational Nigerian Will Vote for APC, PDP in 2019

The presidential candidate of the African movement Congress, AAC, Omoyele Sowore, has said that there is no rational Nigerian who might willingly forged vote for the 2 predominant parties APC and PDP in the upcoming elections.

He said this in a chat with media even as making references to the past years of waste and stagnation underneath the watchful eyes of the two parties, announcing they are unrepentant and mastermind the u . S . A .’s political and financial doldrums.

“each trick inside the political global has been played and outplayed with the aid of these political magnificence. No person is carried away by way of cash anymore. No person is swayed by rented crowd obtainable, with silent majority making selection to vote their judgment of right and wrong this time. If the elections might be unfastened and honest, there might be no rational human being who will vote for the two principal events this time and what meaning is that, we’ve got the brightest threat in AAC,” he stated.


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