Famous Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah has just revealed that he is a husband who washes, cooks and sweeps. He does these chores and has been married for over 16 years. 

Amazing, isn’t it? Read his words below:
“My wife is special. She is not an ordinary woman. She understands things in a way many other women don’t. That is why I say, an actor or actress, has to find that special person. It is not love that will bond you. Forget love, love dies. What sustains the marriage is companionship. If you cannot find companionship in your partner from the beginning, then you do not have a partner.
Don’t lust after a woman because of her beauty and don’t lust after a guy because he is handsome. You must lust after the companionship that bonds you together. It should be like “for some reasons you cannot do without her; for some reasons there is something about her that brings you home.
I cooked two days before having this interview. I am a great cook. No woman can do shakara for me oo. I made my stew and rice with smoked chicken. I grew up with my mum and with her, you must know how to sweep and do many other chores.
At some point my wife got tired of house helps. We have three kids at home and we have to fend for them. I cannot leave everything for her, so I help out.
Sometimes we tell the kids to wash their plates. At some points I realized that my 12 and 13 years old could not sweep and that was very wrong. So we started forcing them to clean.
Most kids of these days cannot sweep or clean. All they want to do is do is make their nails, make their hair and carry big phones and tablets around.
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