We all have insecurities, but it is never okay to allow someone to judge you because of that. If some of the people you trust are toxic, they can use your insecurities against you and even try to make you feel worthless or diminish your confidence.

These are seven things toxic people commonly do in order to bring you down


People constantly change and it is perfectly normal. You can’t be the same person you were 10 years ago. However, toxic people seem to change much more often and fast. They will treat you well one day, and the next day they will yell at you for no particular reason. If you feel intimidated by this behavior of theirs, they will dismiss you. Try to confront them and let them know you are not afraid of them.

2. Sudden attacks

Toxic people can often be so negative that they can even scar you for life. They will turn everything against you until you start beating yourself up. They will insult you or doubt your intentions and capabilities. They will try to make you work for their needs instead of your own, but try to avoid falling in this trap. This is a common way toxic people use to manipulate others, so try to distance yourself while it is not too late.

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3. No apology

Toxic people will never apologize because they live in a reality where they are always right. They will not change their opinion no matter how logical your explanation is. They will dismiss all the facts and will never accept the truth. Instead of wasting time and energy convincing them in the opposite, just distance yourself and don’t let them drain your energy.

4. They will make you feel inferior

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Toxic people never praise you from their heart. They will do it in a way to make you feel bad because the only person they truly care about is themselves. They will try to belittle everything you do or say, and they will always try to find ways to make you do something for them.

  1. Projecting feelings

Toxic people in fact are people who don’t have anything in common with the outside world. They want to impose their own emotions on other people which are often unresolved or unreasonable. It is difficult for them to deal with their feelings and thoughts which is why they often try to find a way to escape from their responsibilities.

  1. Ghosting

Ghosting is having a person who you think cares about you, but they suddenly disappear without any explanation or reason. This is a common behavior among toxic people. For example, lets imagine you are looking forward to some event, and one of your friends seems happy about it too, until the times has come for the event to happen. Then, suddenly they disappear. You might wonder what you did wrong, but you probably have been dealing with a toxic people the whole time.

  1. No solutions

It is impossible to have a productive conversation with toxic people because they are never attentive listeners. They will not acknowledge nor accept anything you say since they only appreciate themselves. They are also more willing to break a relationship instead of hurting their ego by admitting they were wrong. It is impossible to use logic with toxic people let alone reach a conclusion about something.



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