It is advisable for our parents to give a special training to their children, be it male or female in other for them to be SMART and INTELLIGENT. Also to be able to handle things by their selves which are expected to be done by extra-ordinary persons; I think this article will definitely taught some dullard a great lessons.

It was around 5:20am; when my dad woke me up for Prayer. That very day, there is no light so everywhere was dark and the battery percent in my phone is just five but I knew for sure that they will on the generator in mosque so I took my phone and charger along with me. 

Then, am using blackberry 9890 which my sister gave to me as a birthday gift, this unforgettable scene happened within just 20 minute.

 So on my way going to mosque, I wanted to check the time on my phone then a lady just approach me but to be sincere, then I wasn’t smart and at the same time dull and am still dosing to know the type of person that approach me.

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The time is 5:45am am already late for mosque so this lady just ask for my phone as if she use juju but you know as a good Samaritan and a good citizen of this country I gave her the phone to take a look at it, she told me that my phone was shipped in from abroad that was when I open my eye very well that am standing with a mad woman. Before I want to make attempt to collect my phone she just picked a race.

 You will be thinking that may be am not normal? But am normal just that am a dullard. After she pick a race I quickly follow her not to ran away with my phone, so everywhere is becoming brighter, some people that are passing by started to flew without seeing what’s chasing them. 

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This psycho lady was running round a car which I was also doing and Yoruba always say {if you want to collect banana from monkey, you will act like a monkey}.

So I was actually tired but this psycho lady still stay strong because have never seen a woman running for like 10 minute non-stop. By the help of God, I saw 2 guy passing I just begged them to help me out to collect the phone from her. 

So to actually cut the story short they helped me graped the her and collect my phone for me, but the mad woman said “she’s just playing with me” imagine a whole me playing with Para-normal person. So those guys asked me to know what happened and I narrate it to them but they’re speechless because they didn’t expect me to be so foolish to give a mad woman my phone, but they just left without saying word.

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I quickly took a race to a nearby  mosque before getting to mosque, they’ve almost done with prayer but I was still scared so I quickly do the ablution to join them in prayer. When we’re done praying am the first person to jump out I couldn’t even gist anybody about it but I know that God wanted it to be a lesson to me. Six years later I now remember and started narrating it to my sisters they were all laughing. The worst and funny experience have ever had with a lunatic.


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