“You remain the father of the nation, our father and political father to all. Just like I told Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Vice President Osinbajo yesterday in Nigeria… Those who think that they have politically grown to insult you will all regret it before month end sir. I am here (London) to register my undiluted love and unalloyed support to you. I was involved in all their meetings and I know what their plans are. The long recess of NASS is going to be your advantage and not theirs like they thought and planned”- Senator Godswill Akpabio to President Muhammadu Buhari.

People who shouldn’t have the braveness of their convictions and that wouldn’t have the center to face towards tyranny when underneath hearth usually are not worthy of being called males: they’re little higher than beasts.

The incontrovertible fact that the previous Governor of Akwa Ibom, Senator Godswill Akpabio, is a coward and a traitor is not in dispute. The incontrovertible fact that his brazen treachery is aware of no bounds is what can greatest be described as “settled law”.

A pacesetter have to be able to sacrifice his liberty and life in defence of fact, justice and righteousness and he have to be ready to defend his nation, religion, individuals and family members regardless of the worth he might should pay.

Governor of Akwa Ibom, Senator Godswill Akpabio
Sadly such noble virtues and excessive requirements are misplaced on males like Akpabio. To them such issues and sentiments are like Greek or Latin: they will neither perceive their which means or grasp their import.

They fail to understand the truth that worry just isn’t a advantage however a vice. They refuse to acknowledge the truth that to blink the attention, bat the eyelid, give up, compromise, buckle, capitulate and bend the knee to the tyrant and his minions in a futile and final minute try and protect your life and liberty is completely shameful.

Akpabio’s want to decamp to the APC because of his trepidation and worry of the EFCC and Buhari’s regime is pitiful. If he has carried out nothing flawed then why the worry and why the trepidation? The place is his religion in God?

And if he has completed one thing fallacious, given the truth that he has opposed them virulently for the final three years, does he truthfully consider that the Buhari regime won’t punish him through the use of it towards him in the event that they handle to get again to energy subsequent yr, regardless of how a lot he helps them at present?

If he believes that then he isn’t half as clever as I as soon as thought. Buhari isn’t a person of honor, he isn’t a worthy ally, he doesn’t hold to his guarantees and he doesn’t have pals. The solely pal he has is his insatiable lust for energy which he feeds each day.

Apart from that the next questions come to thoughts. Does Akpabio truthfully see any good in Buhari and his goverrnment? Is that what he thinks that Nigerians need to endure for the subsequent few years and in that case what’s their crime?

Has he forgotten the gratuitous insults that Buhari dishes out so lavishly on the Nigerian individuals every time he travels overseas and speaks to overseas leaders and the overseas press?

Has he forgotten about all people who the Buhari authorities have killed and all people who have died and suffered within the wrestle towards them? Does the shedding of harmless blood by a determined authorities imply nothing to him?

Has he forgotten the tears of the tormented and persecuted and the cries of the widows, orphans and the bereaved whose family members have been butchered by jihadists, spiritual fanatics, cow-lovers and ethnic supremacists that Buhari has protected and inspired during the last three years?

Has he forgotten the anguish of these whose family members have been locked up indefinately and people who have been demonised and subjected to probably the most barbaric and insidious media witchunts within the historical past of our nation?

Has he forgotten the follow of double requirements within the software of our legal guidelines? Has he forgotten how the rogues in Buhari’s cupboard and authorities and the governors in his celebration are above the regulation and get away with blue homicide?

Fani Kayode
Has he forgotten concerning the slaughter of northern Christians, IPOB youths and Shiite Muslims?

Has he forgotten concerning the genocide and ethnic cleaning of the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen? Has he forgotten concerning the assault towards the Church and the try and undermine and mock Christendom?

Has he forgotten concerning the censorship of the media and the way newspapers homes and radio and tv stations are warned towards airing or publishing anti-government materials?

Has he forgotten about Buhari’s insidious secret romance with Boko Haram and the way he has strengthened them within the final two years by liberating their commanders and paying them large and unprecedented ransoms?

Has he forgotten the appauling approach that members of our Armed Forces are being handled by the federal government and the way they’re massacred on the entrance strains and given secret mass burials in secret graves with no honor or thanks?

Has he forgotten concerning the brutal assault on the judiciary and judges and the undermining of the rule of regulation? Has he forgotten concerning the relentless assaults on the legislature and the humiliation of his colleagues on the Nationwide Meeting?

Has he forgotten concerning the horrors and wickedness that members and leaders of the opposition PDP have been subjected to during the last three years? Has he forgotten about what the Govermment did to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Sheik El Zak Zaky and Col. Ibrahim Dasuki?

Has he forgotten the vitriolic phrases and phrases that they used to explain President Goodluck Jonathan, President Olusegun Obasanjo and each single PDP chief and authorities that held energy between 1999 and 2015?

Has he forgotten that Buhari considers himself to be the third and remaining Mahdi of the north and that he has nothing however contempt and disdain for people who come from the Center Belt and the south and people that don’t share his spiritual religion?

Has he forgotten the insults the Buhari authorities heaped on southerners, Center Belters, Afenifere, Ohaeneze, the Niger Delta Elders, the Center Belt Discussion board and each single elderstatesman and chief that has called for the restructuring of our nation.

Has he forgotten concerning the division, strife, shame, penury, corruption, poverty and despair that they’ve subjected the Nigerian individuals to during the last three years.

Has he forgotten what Christians have been subjected to by these demons from hell? Has he forgotten their hatred for the Church? Has he forgotten the division, strife, turmoil, bloodshed, torment and havoc that they’ve inflicted on our nation?

Has Akpabio forgotten about all this stuff or is that he’s so stricken by the worry of his personal shadow, the EFCC and Buhari’s ghost that he has capitulated like a fatherless peasant that lacks the Aristocracy, class, dignity, self-respect, good-breeding and honor?

On a basic notice one is constrained to ask: why are most Nigerian leaders plagued with such a cowardly disposition and servile spirit? Why do they compromise so typically and why do they tremble earlier than energy?

If Akpabio had points with PDP that’s truthful sufficient. All of us have points with the get together in various levels.

But if he felt constrained to go away why can’t he be a part of any of the opposite quite a few opposition events? Why does he need to promote his soul to the satan and enter a Faustian pact with Buhari and the APC.

Why ought to he be a part of the birds of prey to feed on the blood, flesh and guts of the Nigerian individuals?

The fact is that he has betrayed his individuals and joined forces with people who search to enslave them merely in an try and safe freedom and goodwill for himself.

Is that what leaders are supposed to do? Are they meant to offer in to their most morbid and irrational fears and collaborate with people who search to destroy their nation, their individuals and their future?

Akpabio jogs my memory of the previous African chiefs and conventional rulers that bought their very own individuals into slavery to the white slave sellers in return for tiny crumbs and safety.

He jogs my memory of the black slaves that fought on the aspect of the southern secessionist forces within the American civil warfare who tried to protect the establishment of slavery.

He jogs my memory of the inglorious Scottish clans that turned their backs on Scotland’s heroic Bonny Prince Charlie and as an alternative betrayed their individuals and fought on the aspect of the English oppressors to oppose Scottish emancipation and liberation.

He jogs my memory of every part that’s disagreeable, servile, weak, ugly, uncouth, cowardly and dishonorable.

The reality of the matter is that Akpabio deserves to be pitied. He’s extra worthy of pathos than wrath as a result of, like Judas Iscariot and people who betrayed and crucified Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he “knows not what he does”.

Shakespeare wrote that “a coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

Soyinka wrote that “the man died in him who remained silent before tyranny”.

Akpabio has died a thousand deaths and the person has died in him.

Braveness, danger and sacrifice are the gasoline and engine room of the wrestle for liberation. I might somewhat reside as a free man for in the future than stay a thousand years as a coward and a slave.

Might God information my pal and brother Godswill Akpabio and should He open his eyes and trigger him to understand the folly of his personal actions and the very grave penalties of the monumental mistake he’s about to make.

Might He remind him that the forces of darkness don’t have anything to supply however demise, sorrow, disgrace and destruction.

Might He remind him that regardless of how darkish the night time, pleasure comes within the morning for many who have religion, who belief within the Lord and who stand agency until the top.

Might He remind him that people who joined Adolf Hitler, even in his final days, ended up dying with him.
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