In this 21st century, A lot of people are very careless about their life, they don’t bother to check their self before heading to any journey. They always forget that they have a future to secure.

The worst era was this ano domini era in which people always prepare to fail why? Is it because we want to satisfy someone, is it because we want him/her to love u more, or should we say that he/she shouldn’t date someone else that’s why we’re sharing our nude pictures here and there this is actually my point of view.

Don’t let us forget that we people of this generation love money more than our lifes, people can sacrifice anything to get what they want especially “money”.I don’t know why people of nowadays are so stupid for a person to be asking for your nude picture without casting a spell on you and you send it, that means you are probably insane that is why we need to think before we react.

I will share a story of an India girl with you which happened years back.

We all know that India was an Asian country with the population of 1.3billion and above as at 31st of July, 2018 based on the latest united nation estimates. India population is equivalent to 17.74% of the total world population, they are in 49th position in committing suicide. 

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Shashi was just 20years of age, she’s from a wealthy family, a decent girl which is good in all aspect especially in the area of Education.

She had a boyfriend called khan they are in their relationship for a year and half, shashi love khan and do everything to please him but the most surprising part was that khan didn’t true love shashi but just a trap to blackmail their family through her.

To actually cut the story Short, there was day that shashli and khan were chatting, khan probably ask for her nude picture but with the trust that shashi have for khan she proceed to snapped herself.

Along the line shashi snapped herself and send it to khan in which shashi also ask khan to send his nude picture too but khan didn’t reply her throughout that night because he has get what he want.

Oh! I forget to tell you that shashi’s parent were very rich, and one of the prominent and powerful person in India. so this is how they wanted to destroy their reputation by penetrating through their daughter.

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That night, shashi thought that khan was busy but not knowing that the next day will be a disastrous day and their family downfall, what a great loss to shashi’s family.

Khan with his gang actually don’t need shashi’s family money but all what they are after was shashi’s family downfall, we forget that all our movement are being watched by some people without our knowing what they’re after is your downfall not your success.

At exactly 6am the internet has been filled with shashi picture which have been viewed by over million of people throughout the world. Not only this, they went further by printing magazines which is distributed for “free” containing the historical background of shashi’s family also with her nude picture.

Immediately people see this, they continue sharing the picture. Shashi wake up the next day to check her internet for breaking news but to her greatest surprise, her news come first in the front page of newspapers their headlines goes thus”shashi one of the most powerful man daughter nude picture leaked”.before she could get up on bed she has already met her parent in her room, she was speechless.

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Before 7o’clock in the morning, a lot of reporter from different media channels have filled their door step being a prominent person. Her parent came out of distress but on getting to their living room, they pipped through their window and found out that reporter have already in their door step. How could they escaped this? what exactly are they going to tell the entire world?.

Before they could returned back to their daughters room, they met shashi which she has hanged herself to dealth. Without wasting so much time her parent wept because shashi is their only daughter.

 Both shashi parent died because they cannot stand this calamity,the entire world had known the whole story, this is how shashi use her stupidity to ruin his family reputation and their entire generation.

 This story could serve as a lesson for others not to use their stupidity to destroy their life, their reputation and their future the best thing to do now to work towards your future.


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