I was moved with tears as I watched some Primary school pupils lined up for lunch under this dilapidated buildings, on the only express road to Kano. I couldn’t capture them nor the staff because I needed to respect their persons. These thoughts ran through my mind as I parked speechlessly:
1. Has school feeding program replaced teaching/learning?
 2. If no, Can staff/Student ever teach/learn under this atmosphere where no single class is in a good shape?
3. Can I find any child belonging to any political office holder schooling here?
4. Will it be fare to suggest that this school be closed down?
5. Can public schools ever compete favorably with private schools?
6. Since the Govt is mostly richer than individuals, why is it that you cant find any private school in this shape also?
7. Can the Govt stop this program so she can concentrate on building infrastructures?
8. Will i ever want to see my child in this kind of place? How will I feel?
9. Do I call this “School for the poor”?
10. How can policy makers hear me on this, let’s try to get things right rather than blowing unhealthy political wind that blows away with it the good instead of the chaff.


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