The Bayelsa State Senator, Ben Murray Bruse representing Bayelsa East in the National Assembly, has called upon Federal Government to tender an apology to the Music legend, Fela Kuti, for sending him to jail.

Ben Bruce said this while reacting to French President, Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Afrika Shrine in Lagos State. Describing Fela as the “greatest leader to come out of Africa and a tourist attraction, the Senator on Twitter said it took a president of a former white colonial master to recognize Fela and the African Shrine, while our own president, burnt his house, broke his jaw and even jailed him.

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According to him, ”Fela is an icon, the greatest in Africa. Fela is a tourist attraction. More people know Fela than the name of any president in the history of Nigeria. Fela is Mr tourism.

”The Federal Government must apologize to Fela and offer him restitution.

”It took a president of a former white colonial master to recognize Fela and the African Shrine, while our own president, burnt his house, broke his jaw and even jailed him for having £1,600 in his pocket.”


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