If you’re having trouble finding the right guy to settle down with, and well-meaning family members keep checking in to see your progress, don’t crack under pressure. Remember that commitment is for a lifetime (hopefully) and you want to wait for the right person to come into your life. Avoid the guy who won’t do these five things:

Put you first when it’s important
We’ve all heard the phrase that you shouldn’t make someone an option if you’re not their priority. No truer words have been said. Go for the guy who will defend you when your battles are too heavy to fight alone. The guy who tries to better himself so that he can better love you, and the one who would rather hear your thoughts before making any rash decisions.

Appreciate your strengths and have patience with your faults
We all have our own flaws; none of us has it all together all the time. You don’t want a guy who will criticize your weaknesses and downplay your abilities. You want a partner who will be supportive and accepting of you – baggage and all. He understands you’re not perfect. Wait for the guy who is willing to walk with you during your darkest days and cheer you on during your victories.

Honor the people and things that are important to you
There’s a reason we bring our boyfriends home to meet our family and friends. These are the people who care for us and sometimes know us even better than we know ourselves. If he gets their seal of approval, they may have a solid sense that he respects how you’ve been brought up and how they’ve contributed to the woman you are today. Wait for the guy who also appreciates the things you hold dear to your heart–whether that be your goals, your passions, your traditions, etc.

Can make you laugh even when things seem to be falling apart
Laughter is an essential medicine in our lives. It keeps us sane in an insane world, and helps us feel like our problems aren’t as troublesome as they are. A guy who can make you laugh or keep things interesting is one that you want to keep around for the long run  because it’s going to be a long one.

Will be loyal and faithful

If you’re involved with a guy who’s divvying up his time with several other potentials (even after the dating stage), he’s obviously not ready for anything serious (or doesn’t see that with you). Go for the guy who wants you and only you, for the foreseeable future. Stay single until you meet the guy who’d rather not waste any more time searching for what’s already in front of him.


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