Day by day, there arises various forms of decadence in the morals, values, discipline and right attitude of Nigerian youths and one begins to wonder if the so called “CIVILIZATION” made things turn our worse or a mindset of freewill.

    As we know that youths range from 18years of age to 45 years and these set of people are the agile and goal-oriented people. Being a youth is the beat thing that can ever happen to a human being.

    The youthful days come with opportunities and difficulties and difficulties. One is able to make choice based on personal conviction. This stage is when people form theories about self, religion, environment, professions and life in general. This means youth stage is so crucial that choice must be carefully made hence it makes or mars the Future.

   The are lots of factors that can make youths compromise their integrity and the most important one is PEER GROUP INFLUENCE.

    The peer group influence is a ‘Syndrome’ that almost everyone suffers from. Just like the Yoruba proverb that says ‘a sheep that moves with a dog will definitely eat feaces’ some people tend to twist or manipulate this by saying it’s only the one that decides to. Come to think of it, the person one moves with could determine one’s destiny if one is not careful.

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 Those that are easily influenced by peers are mostly those with low self esteem because they think less of themselves, find it difficult to take responsibilities, they despite criticisms and are so dependent and flexible. These set of people bend easily to circumstances. The negative impact of peer group is quite more than the positive impact. 

Is it bad drinking habits that we want to say? Or prostitution? Or illegal dealings? Or armed robbery? Or cultism? Or signature forgery? Or bunkering? Or terrorism? Or kidnapping? Or hooliganism and thuggery? What more can we have in the list? There are indeed more “bads” to talk about than the “goods”
   For a closer instance, students in higher institutions are at risk when it comes to peer group influence.

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 Staying outside their parent’s or guardian’s roof gives them a whole lot of freedom and they just forget who they are, their backgrounds, dreams and aspirations to live another life entirely as a result of inferiority complex. They tend to live and spend extravagantly so they can become famous due to their material self and get hailed by their colleagues on campus thinking they are on top of the world.

   Should we compare ourselves with others? Should we compromise our faith and integrity for things that fade? Would we be happy at our decisions in our old age? Should we allow those without future ambitions to ruin our future because of present time limited enjoyment? Decisions lies inside each of us because our future is in our hands but the future can be ruined when we don’t control the people that comes into our lives.

   The friends we move with should not be allowed to tamper with our destiny due to our nonchalant attitude. We should not settle for less and think nothing will harm us. A lot could harm us if we continue to procrastinate the actions we are meant to take now to later.

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   We all know those that can influence us positively and those capable of planting a bad seed in us and we can not dispute that. We should be agents of change by adding value yo other people’s lives and not making them ruin ours. We should cut relationships with people who can harm us and if threatening arises we can voice out to appropriate authorities.

   Our future is so bright for us to take this lightly. The sky is our limit and our integrity matters most in this per versed generation. A lot of young people are still making it and earning big. So, don’t doubt if you are a leader, YOU ARE!



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