Academic Experience is any work obtained in an academic environment which may satisfy in one or more area in positive or negative position. Student academic experience is certainly different as we human being is made of different image.

The word “Experience” means to observe, feel, undergo or perform a certain actions that may contribute to one’s knowledge, opinion or skills.  Accademically , despite the fact that student receive lecture together, undergo the same training and sit for the same examination in school does not Generally means we will have the same experience because student handle things in different ways e.g some read before the exam while some read during the exam. Some attend classes while some copy their friends note or not attentive in class and so on.

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While making research with Alumni and Current student of The Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa about their academic experience, students give out different opinion and ideas. Some said their academic experience is on unbearable and they pray not to undergo such experience again while some said the training they got have been helping them in their future carrier.

Nevertheless, student of The Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa mostly concluded that their academic experience was a challenge and favourable but depending on each student, though they make it clear that lecturers are doing their best, some said they are coined and  trained by different kind of assignment and snap-test.


Some set of Alumni disclose that, to come out with good grade in The Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa, student must over prepare himself by reading before the exam time comes and student should make sure they attend class regularly to gain from what the lecturer is saying.

Furthermore, student should always do their assignment and submit in time because some lecturers do not conduct test and student should buy any textbook introduced to them because it sometimes serves as source of mark and most exorcism especially, student should be prayerful before and after the exam.

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Here are student contributions below:

What’s your own experience and what is your take on this as a student of The Ibarapa Polytechnic Eruwa ?

Please Comment and let us know your experience.



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