It is widely known by almost all residents living in Eruwa and the student of The Ibarapa Polytechnic that Onipepe Masquerade (a very fearful masquerade who always appear every three years and comes around 12 am in the midnight) comes to temper everyone in Eruwa, which makes all students vigilant of his emergence and makes everyone especially students look forward to staying indoors and travelling when he comes.

Onipepe is one of the Eruwa Masquerades who come out in the midnight but his is perceived to be notorious. Onipepe Masquerade has been in existence for years. It is a kind of Masquerade that there is no one to see it while in action.  It is a kind of Masquerade that comes with different actions like going more beyond away before his drummer-accompanies will follow which is not typical to other Masquerades that will go with their drummer-accompanies and appear in the day.

            According to the Residents and Indigenes of Eruwa, Onipepe goes with different sounds which somehow temper and scares people like; chirping like a bird, moaning like monkey, bleating like a goat, barking like a dog, hissing like a snake and so on which scares people a lot and make people not to come out to see him in the midnight even It is very dangerous for everyone to be outdoors while emerging. Some also says it hark with different advertisement like advertising breads, peppers and so on in which all these are somewhat altered spiritually though its garment.

            Before Onipepe could come out, it will be announced to everybody to be indoors before 12am. Though, Onipepe do pray when passing-by, he is still considered by people to be the most fearful of all masquerades in Eruwa.

            The reason Onipepe is considered to be the fearful Masquerades of all according to an anonymous interviewee is that, anybody that contact or tries to confront him either intentional or accidentally will be killed or ruined by it. According to the interviewee, when confronted by someone during its emergence, it asks whether the person want to die or wants to get sick for his or her entire life. Should the person choose one, the person has to face his penalty immediately.

            Meanwhile, it is always announced before the emergence of Onipepe that everyone should stay indoors even before the specified time 12 am.

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