S.S.2A played absolutely well and eventually conquered their seniors.The latters,pulling long faces,diverged from the pitch.
My team trooped into the pitch as it was our turn to play.S.S.1C were also on ground,their line up was a nightmare to me,my blood ran cold when I saw the most aggressive players on the pitch. 
The match was very pugnacious,there were many players in S.S.1C who are warlike in nature.
Suddenly,a bellicose player from S.S.1C bumped into Gbenga and caught him on the wrong foot,the latter drastically fell to the ground with much pains.Despite this injurious act,Dayo dared the referee who dashed him a straight red card for the great offence he had committed,”b’ayęn ni abi?.I will show you” he snarled at the referee.
We walked away with the victory as we scored six goals.S.S.1C responded scoring only two goals. 
After the match,I assuaged Gbenga’s two legs by stretching it to ameliorate the injury thrust upon him by Dayo.I noticed Gbenga growing taller almost everyday since that particular day
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