India is home to over 200 million WhatsApp users. The Facebook-owned messaging platform has more than one billion users globally.
Users turned to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to vent out their frustration for not being able to use the service. A tweet read: “2 mins of silence for those who uninstalled and then installed WhatsApp again #WhatsAppDown”.
A spokeswoman for Facebook in Singapore told news agency Reuters that the company was still investigating the matter.
The usually reliable app had earlier broken down on August 31 with users in Europe, Mexico and Brazil reporting issues. The outage lasted for a few hours in some parts of the world.
According to, an independent website monitoring outages of popular social media services,46 per cent of the complaints by Whatsapp users were due to being unable to connect, while 38 per cent complained that they were unable to send or receive messages.
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