A Chinese woman has revealed how her unborn daughter kicked her so hard that she broke her womb.

A pregnant woman in China has been saved after her unborn baby’s leg pocked out of her womb in an ‘extremely rare’ case, a hospital claimed.
According to Dailymail, Ms Zhang’s unborn daughter is said to have kicked Ms Zhang so hard she tore a wound on the wall of Ms Zhang’s uterus, which had been left by a previous operation.
The baby girl was successfully born at 35 weeks through a caesarean section, and both she and her mother are in stable condition, according to the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in southern China.
In a statement posted on its official social media account yesterday, the hospital claimed that the first-time mother was taken to the hospital at around 10am on October 2 after having suffered severe abdominal pain for about five hours.
Revealing how it happened, the woman’s family said they thought that the mother-to-be had a stomach-ache. After a B-scan ultrasonography, doctors were said to be shocked to see one of the baby’s legs coming out of the women’s womb and poking into her abdomen.
Ms Zhang claimed she underwent an operation to have a fibroid removed in 2016 and she fell pregnant six months after the operation, according to the statement. Fibroids are tumours that grow in a woman’s uterus.
Based on Ms Zhang’s accounts, doctors suspected that she had a uterine rupture on the site of the previous incision. Doctors considered Ms Zhang’s condition critical and immediately arranged an operation for her. The hospital said the baby was delivered 10 minutes after the C-section began.
Zhong Shilin, Ms Zhang’s doctor, claimed to have found a 7cm-long (2.8 inches) rupture on Ms Zhang’s uterus. Dr Zhong said that Ms Zhang’s amniotic sac had also broken and the amniotic fluid had flown into her abdomen. 
Dr Zhong added that that Ms Zhang’s scar was located at the bottom of her uterus and her baby had kicked on it by accident, which caused the rupture.
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